White Bay-006

Blackwattle Bay  (2016)


45 x 100 cm – $550.00 AUD
61 x 153 cm – $850.00 AUD  (original artwork size)


A quiet calm envelopes a sunny corner of Blackwattle Bay where The Sydney Herritage Fleet rests with the abandoned White Bay power station in the background. Such stillness. It’s amazing to imagine how different it once was…
…as a worker on the coal loaders at White Bay Power Station, Peter Flaherty would arrive home with blackened clothes, dust in his ears and eyes and hair, the clangour of tonnes of coal falling on steel twenty four hours a day audible still from his house in Lilyfield, almost three kilometres away…
(from a cassette kept at the Leichhardt Library of an interview
with Peter Flaherty, one of the last workers at White Bay). Original painting : Private collection UK.


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