It can be an abandoned industrial site, the waterfront,
a decayed crumbling structure or a close up 
of an interesting architectural detail,
and its interaction with light…


➡️  Lighthouses  – 31 January -31 March 2024

This is an online only exhibition presented by Marine Artists Australia (of which I am a Fellow).
Highlighting the best of marine and maritime art in Austrlaia, The Australian Society of Marine Artists
presents a series of online exhibitions annually, followed by a gallery show towards the year’s end.
This is the first one for 2024.
My painting Maquarie Harbour Tasmania (Notorious!) is in the show!
View the exhibition (download Cat & Price List and purchasing details) by clicking the heading above.

➡️  Facade Paintings available at Moree

A collection of paintings are at the Moree Gallery. They are posted at the Gallery with prices,
and also on this website, each with their own story, so you can see them twice!
(and the Gallery will kindly send artworks to anywhere which is extremely helpful)

➡️  Very Small Paintings

New little ones are available as soon as they are finished (and I’m happy with them!).
They appear in my display window and on this site first (usually on the same day).
After that, you may see them on instagram, and sometimes facebook. Keep an eye out!

I’m unable to accept new commissions for now.



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