It can be an abandoned industrial site, the waterfront,
a decayed crumbling structure or a close up 
of an interesting architectural detail,
and its interaction with light…



Facades & power poles

There are just three facades still available at the Moree Gallery,
see them here and at the Moree Gallery.


Very Small Paintings

The Very Small Paintings have been incredibly popular this year!!
So much that I had trouble keeping up with demand. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
There maybe a few more in December but that’s it for 2020.
New ones will start appearing again in the New Year but they go quickly so
keep watching here and on instagram for updates.

Very Small Paintings II will be launched before Easter.
These new works will be a little more detailed, and looking out rather than looking up.
They will be a little ‘more polished’ and framed, and available only from me.
These will have their own page on my website.
A touch more expensive, but worth it!


Exciting things are happening in 2021

Changing direction with some larger works – they will be available at two new locations.
These will be based on facades & power poles but they will be a little different.
I will be ‘pushing the envelope’ as they say, and the works will be larger.
Two locations, but the work at each will have a different focus. A little.
Stay tuned for more news about these.



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