It can be an abandoned industrial site, the waterfront,
a decayed crumbling structure or a close up 
of an interesting architectural detail,
and its interaction with light…



Celebrating 25 years – Australian Society of Marine Artists

One of my paintings has been selected for this anniversary ONLINE exhibition.
Click the link below to view the exhibition in 3D.
My painting (of Blackwattle Bay as it was, until recently) is sold but
reproductions are available from here.
➡️  Silver Anniversary Exhibition
1 October–30 November 2021 (an online experience)


Fading Facades

A new series of facade paintings will be available from the Moree Gallery soon.
Details to follow!


Very Small Paintings

Very Small Paintings are (slowly) appearing again so keep watching here
and on instagram for new work and updates.

➡️ First International Marine Art Exhibition – Online

In this online exhibition is my painting, The Last Lugger, of the ketch Tribal Warrior
moored at Blackwattle Bay. I’m honoured to say it is one of 35 selected marine paintings
to represent Australia in this prestigious global exhibition (excited!!)
There are 150 paintings – the very best of marine art from around the world. And me!
See my painting here. The exhibition runs until June 2022.
And…more about the Tribal Warrior here.


I’m unable to accept commissions until mid 2022 (sorry).



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