It can be an abandoned industrial site, the waterfront,
a decayed crumbling structure or a close up 
of an interesting architectural detail,
and its interaction with light…



➡️  Fading Facades

Some facade paintings are still AVAILABLE at the Moree Gallery.
You can also see them on this site, but best be quick as there are only a few left!


➡️  Very Small Paintings

Very Small Paintings will be filtering through soon.
Keep watching here and in my Balmain display window  to see them first.

➡️  1st International Marine Art Exhibition
➡️  continues online – until 30 June 2022

I’m honoured to say that my painting The Last Lugger is included in this International show.
It is one of 33 curated contemporary paintings selected to represent Australian marine art
in this prestigious global exhibition (excited!!)
There are 150 paintings all together – the very best of marine art from around the world. And me!
See my painting here
And…more about the Tribal Warrior here.


I’m unable to accept commissions until until further notice (sorry).



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