It can be an abandoned industrial site, the waterfront,
a decayed crumbling structure or a close up 
of an interesting architectural detail,
and its interaction with light…



Very Small Paintings   A new series of small paintings will be appearing in the window
over the next few weeks!… so keep watching here… and on instagram!


A Timeless Moment
is an online show presented by The Moree Gallery.
Nine stellar artists (including me!). See my news page for more details.
The catalogue is online now – on the Gallery’s website.
This exhibition runs until 31 May 2020.
The Moree Gallery


And… When you want something particular   there’s the commission option!
People often ask for something (or someone) specific, (this is why my Very Small Paintings collection
is a little sparse at the present time). Please feel free to enquire about a commission.
I have my preferred subjects but I can paint almost anything.
If for some reason however, it’s not ‘my thing’ I will recommend other appropriate artists for you.


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