Due to other commitments, I’m unable to accept commissions until further notice (Sorry).


I’m normally happy to paint a commission for you. There is no deposit and there’s no obligation to purchase the final work
(so neither of us feels pressured or uncomfortable). If you don’t like the painting, it will go into my collection for sale.

It could be a local view you like, or a view from your home,
or something you see at a particular time of the day.
We talk about your painting, the size and budget you are thinking about, and maybe you have some pictures (or not).
I go away and work on it, send you a rough study or two for your consideration. Then I create the painting.

I send you an image of the finished work to approve and/or you can come to the studio to see it “live”. If you like
the work, it’s yours.

My reason to work this way is because I have seen artists accept commissions, take a deposit, then try to paint what
they think the client wants so the resulting work is often compromised. Not always, but it does happen. The artist
isn’t happy with the work and client feels obliged to buy it, even though they may not really love the painting.
That isn’t a good thing, I want you to love the work.

See some past commissioned paintings here

"Beyond Hartley" 51x76cm oil on canvas. 2016. Commission
"Beyond Hartley" 51x76cm oil on canvas. 2016. Commission