White Bay

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A constant source of fascination for me, I have been painting it since 2008, White Bay changes all time in different light and weather conditions. One of inner Sydney’s most significant industrial sites and the longest serving power station, it once marked the gateway to Balmain’s bustling industrial waterfront. White Bay was finally abandoned in 1983.

Building began in 1917, in typical Federation Anglo-Dutch architectural style (I wrongly thought that some of the lovely brickwork was Art Deco). The side facing Victoria Road was built a little later, from the new “state of the art” material – concrete.
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From another time:
“As a worker on the coal loaders at White Bay Power Station, Peter Flaherty would arrive home with blackened clothes, dust in his ears and eyes and hair, the clangour of tonnes of coal falling on steel twenty four hours a day audible still from his house in Lilyfield, almost three kilometres away.”     Source: from a cassette kept at the Leichhardt Library of an interview with Peter Flaherty, one of the last workers at White Bay.

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