Facade Paintings : 2019/23

This is a selection of some SOLD work from 2019-23.

The rooftops, facades and power poles are part of an ongoing series started when I wanted to paint the villages of the Balmain peninsula but there were too many obstructions and clutter, so I looked up. Do you ever look up at the sky, see blue and feel a tremendous sense of space and freedom?
What I find fascinating in looking up, is that there is a whole new visual world that is mostly unnoticed.
These paintings are of crusty old and sometimes neglected facades, some local, around the Balmain/Rozelle peninsula and Sydney’s inner west – and some from further afield.  But what they all have in common is that they are untouched by renovation and signage, retain their original character and are surprising little affected by the elements.

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This collection does
not include my Very Small Paintings.