Sometimes things change!

Sometimes things change!

I painted the work on the right last year for the Australian Wooden Boat Festival Exhibition in Hobart.
The reference image was kindly supplied by Graeme Broxam (a learned authority on Tasmania’s wooden boat history)
I loved the image, and the more I researched the precious timbers of Tasmanian ship building, the more interested
I became… anyway, the grainy black and white picture was from about 1908 so it was a challenge!

It’s a bit like painting blind when you have no idea what the colours may have been at the time. When the painting
came back to my studio after the show, there was plenty of time to look at it on my wall. That can be good. Or bad!
(look at something long enough and you can’t resist the temptation to mess with it!). So this year I had another go.
Both (to me) have good elements, but the new version has much more depth/distance.
The risk of course to go too far and “overwork” the painting. (Months of work down the drain! I so hate that!).
This is it now. Forever.

Huon Ladies, 2024
Finished (really!), dry and available (from me). Click the picture for a larger view.

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