Three sold already!

Three sold already!











A new collection of 12 Facades & Power Poles are just finished.
33 x 33cm each, oil.

The 3 you see here are now sold but 9 are still available, some from the Moree Gallery and a few from me.
The price is the same, and the Gallery provides complimentary shipping (within Australia).
(These are last ones for 2020)

I’m interested in ‘looking up’ – and the way light, shadow and texture reacts with my subjects
against the open sky above. Often these are old architectural facades, remnants from another time,
and wooden power poles with their complex tangles of wires – details that are seldom noticed.

It is not about history or preservation – they’re contemporary views recently observed, some
from suburbia and some from country towns – either way you can’t help wondering what
stories they could tell.


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