ASMA 2019 National Maritime Exhibition & ‘Tribal Warrior’

ASMA 2019 National Maritime Exhibition & ‘Tribal Warrior’











I am thrilled as an exhibiting member of the Australian Society of Marine Artists (ASMA) to be part
of this important exhibition – presented in the historic Carnegie Building, home to the Maritime Museum of Tasmania.
The exhibition coincides with the 75th anniversary of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. 

Many of the 59 artworks reflect the history of the famous yacht race from humble beginnings in 1945 to the highly
sophisticated technology of today’s boats. Of course there is other marine art as well, so this is an exceptional show
and well worth a trip to Tassie. And all paintings are for sale.
The exhibition opened on 15 November and continues until March, when Hobart may be a little bit quieter!

Tribal Warrior:
170 yachts are competing this year’s Sydney Hobart including entries from Australia, Europe USA and Asia.
But the entry of particular interest to me in this race – is the first ever Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander crew
with Tribal Warrior, a Beneteau 47/7.
I have a painting in the ASMA exhibition called Blackwattle Bay, which features the ketch, Tribal Warrior.
My Tribal Warrior was originally a pearling lugger working the treacherous waters of Australia’s far north… and still working,
but today she is owned by The Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Corporation and used to train Aboriginal youth to attain their
Master Class Maritime Certificates… so she’s gone ‘full circle’ as they say.
The Beneteau crew may well have started their sailing careers on my Tribal Warrior!
A very nice tribute to give the name to the Beneteau too. All the more reason to see this exhibition! Everyone is welcome.

Carnegie Gallery
Maritime Museum of Tasmania
16 Argyle Street Hobart
Exhibition dates: 15 November 2019 – 22 March 2020
9am-5pm daily (ex Christmas Day)

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