October 2018


























I’m so very happy to announce that I have been accepted as an exhibiting member of  The Australian Society of Marine Artists,
and to be meeting (and rubbing shoulders with) an extremely fine and diverse group of artists.
Current members work in all mediums and styles – traditional & modern, realistic & abstract –
including lithographers and printmakers, marine historians, sculptors, model makers and scrimshaw artists.
Members are united in a love of expressing all aspects of the sea in art.
These are some of my marine paintings to date, but since I’m now a Society member there will be more to come.
So excited! And.. I can use some impressive letters after my name.

Vessels on the water have featured in art from the earliest times, but marine art only began
to become a distinct genre, with specialised artists, towards the end of the Middle Ages. Some of my favourite
marine artists (from hundreds!) include: JMW Turner, Caspar David Friedrich, Claude Monet, Childe Hassam,
Henry Scott Tuke, JS Sargent, and of course many Russian watercolourists and the Skagen Painters of Denmark,
where the light is ever so soft.