December 2019













Well, 2019 is almost done and dusted!
The close of 2019 has been so tragic for many, smoky and dusty for the rest of us.
Not a happy end. And sadly it looks like the holiday season will continue to be smoky, windy and dry.
But it will pass, and we are entering 2020 – the start of a brand spanking new decade!
Twenty twenty, it even sounds good. (Remember when it was two double oh one?
That sounded so awfully messy!). 
Here’s to 2020! A new beginning and the best year ever, for us all!










2019 has been an amazing year for me – because I have had so many commissions.
Mostly local, but a few interstate and even a couple from overseas!
The thing about a commission is that sometimes it’s not what I usually paint, the location
is often quite different and I have to work to a specific size. A combination that can be sometimes
quite challenging, but the flipside is that it can force me to look at things in a different way –
which is a great way to explore new ideas and continue to develop as an artist. Excellent!