December 2017












As 2017 comes to an end, I want to thank you all for collecting my work and supporting me during this past year.
Your kind words and encouragement are much appreciated and it’s been a fantastic year, thanks to you!

The painting here, Terraces & Towers, was the very last of my Very Small Paintings completed in 2017 (now sold).
I’ll be working on new ones near the end of January after a short break.  And in 2018…  a couple of private commissions
under way and to be completed early in the year.
And after that… come back, visit this site and instagram @suzykingartist to find out!



I often get asked to do commissions for Very Small Paintings.
Sometimes for the people who want a record or memory of their own house
or street – sometimes as a gift for someone else. Either way, I’m happy
to do that (it’s so nice to be the artist selected!). Often however, these can
be a little complicated for various reasons, so my fee is a little higher
than my Very Small Painting prices. Not much, just a little.
Of course I’m happy to paint large commissions as well.
Email me to discuss your commission.