June 2014

A Quiet morning-nw-hometest

There’s a lot of doom & gloom out there in retail land.
Many artists produce work “to sell” rather than staying true
to a subject they love.
I admit that I have been tempted as well but when I do that, I make very bad art,
get depressed, and everything goes downhill from there. I so hate that!
So I don’t do that anymore. I have decided that you “can’t please all the people
all the time” so I paint what I like. If I think it’s good, it appears on this site,
or in a show somewhere. And if I like it, someone else (eventually) will too.
It’s a hard road, but then, there comes a spark of light! I exhibited some new
paintings (never before shown) in a pop-up show at Walsh Bay in May/June.
Two of the new ones sold without more than a few minutes on this site.
There is nothing more inspiring than having the compliment of someone liking
your work enough to buy it. Excellent. Thank you!


A monotype is a form of printmaking that results in a unique one-off image.
No two results are ever the same and so the excitement comes from the unpredictability
of the outcome! In this case I used water mixable oils which were manipulated
on the plate (perspex) by hand. Then the paint (ink) was directly transferred onto
smooth archival paper in layers (I like to stop at about three). The images look amazing
when simply framed. I may give a demonstration on monotypes soon.
Stand by for more info….