Empire Hall 33 x 33cm, oil, 2017. Private Commission.
The Lahood “Amusement Parlour & Snooker Room” was in operation
and run by the same family for almost 100 years. It closed in 1999.
If not for the modern cars in the street below, you would be taken back
to the early 20th century in suburban Sydney. Many of the surrounding
buildings pre-date World War One and the facades are still relatively
untouched, and intact, if you look up.
Joseph and Rosa Lahood moved from rural Penrith in 1916 and opened
a drapery store in Campsie. Their son, Vincent, purchased billiard rooms
and a picture theatre in Beamish Street around 1924.
The theatre, which had vaudeville performances as well as film screenings
was named the Prince’s Theatre to honour the visit in of the Prince of Wales
to Sydney, but was commonly known as the Princess Theatre.

The billiard rooms moved across the street in 1924 and was described as being the longest running business
in Campsie by the areas Bi-centennial history in 1988. The Lahood sign (embedded in the tuck-pointed brickwork)
still appears proudly above the shop awnings today.

After much success with Peninsula Rooftops at the Balmain Art Show in November, I continue to paint
the tops of old architectural facades. I love looking up at these old buildings, always there but rarely noticed,
and mostly untouched by renovation. Powerpoles, facades and the afternoon sunlight play against the sky…
my favourite current subject! And I’m thrilled to know other people like them too. Thank you so much.
These two (and a few others) recently sold at The Moree Gallery.
There are a few left, and there’s more to come…


I’m having a few paintings on show in July at The Milk Factory Gallery in Bowral.
Like this one, they are of the coast, warm and sunny – and perfect to warm you up on a chilly winters’ day.
And better still, everything is seriously on SALE!
This is an annual event – a big salon style exhibition with all work heavily discounted.

The Southern Highlands is perfect for a winter getaway, open fires, brisk air, and great art.

June 24-July 31
The Milk Factory Gallery
33 Station Street Bowral



This is a detail of one of my new Rooftop paintings currently underway.
Looking up at the tops of old buildings, mostly untouched by renovation,
with the blue sky beyond – is such a contrast to the ground level we see every day.
There’s a whole world of many beautiful things to look at when looking up!
More details about the paintings will be posted here soon.

The Inner West Open Studio Art Trail is an annual event where artists of Sydney’s Inner West open their studios
to the public for just one weekend. This year its on May 13-14. My studio will be open on both days from 11am-4pm.
I am launching a new (never seen before!) collection of Very Small Paintings depicting rooftops and power poles
of the Balmain & Rozelle neighbourhood. There will be a few small White Bay power station gouache works on paper
as well. Very small means “very affordable” and coming to the studio also means you get “first bite at the cherry”
because they won’t be seen anywhere until after the Trail closes. So drop by to see some great work (of mine) and a chat!

95 Beattie Street Balmain
Saturday & Sunday May 13 & 14 only


As part of the Inner West Open Studio Trail, The Collective Art Show
is a mixed exhibition of new work by some local artists who
have exhibited at Gallery 503. I will have new rooftop paintings for sale
in my studio from the Very Small series, but I’m exhibiting a pair of new
power station paintings in The Collective show.
These are close ups of the coal loader (detail at left) you can see from
Robert Street in Rozelle. Rusty, crusty and rich in texture and ochres and
terracotta colours. They are individual paintings but look stunning as a pair!

Join us for drinks on Saturday 13 May, 4-6pm.
Gallery 503, Balmain Road & Cecily Street Lilyfield 2040
Exhibition dates: May 11-25

Bowral in the Southern Highlands. The Milk Factory Gallery was a a hub of activity with two gallery spaces
hosting exhibition openings at the same time. People were milling about pre-opening (a good sign!),
and there was local media coverage as well. 37 artists are showing an eclectic mix here, painting, works on paper,
some really amazing ceramics, jewelry and sculpture. Very worth a look if you can call by.
And The Milk Factory Gallery is open every day!

I have been invited to participate in an exhibition “Where are they now?”
at the Milk Factory Gallery in Bowral.
The gallery contacted the women artists who have exhibited in the gallery since it opened in 2005.
My first solo exhibition was in 2009 in this gallery, so I have a soft spot for this lovely space.
At the time I was worried about the commission that galleries ask – but then I was amazed at
what I got in return. They did everything! The gallery looked after me like I was their child (well, almost).
Marketing, media, invitations (to relevant collectors), the opening, and all the followup and sales
for the exhibition period. I could never have done that alone. The gallery was packed (it’s a big gallery)
and the exhibition was a great success. So for me, the commission charged by the gallery is just fine.

There are 37 artists in the exhibition showing the work they are doing now.

Milk Factory Gallery33 Station Street Bowral
This exhibition is now extended until May 15 – open: 10am-5pm seven days


This is the latest update on White Bay Power station from Urban Growth. I don’t know what “site testing” is,
I guess they are figuring out if the grounds are contaminated with anything toxic. All is still very quiet about the future here.
Maybe they don’t know…or maybe they are not telling… the plot thickens as we must wait. And wait…

Christmas will be upon us in just a few days…
Thank you all for supporting me, following me, and making 2016 a great year.
All your great responses have been a wonderful inspiration (much need for an artist!).
Wishing everyone of you a safe and Happy Christmas & New Year festive season, followed by an excellent 2017.